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Getting to know us

Habiplace and it’s suite of products was dreamt up by a different type of tech founder. Starting a company whilst at a prestigious university is one thing Mr Zuckerberg, but try doing it whilst changing nappies, working full time and generally living the usual hectic and stressful life!

But therein lies the power of the Habiplace philosophy. They say necessity is the mother of invention – so in struggling to juggle work, family and a household, our founder faced the same issues as everyone else and wanted to do something to help.

Meet the team…

Stephen Geran

Stephen Geran

Founder & CEO

UK Military Veteran with a relentless drive and work ethic. Hell-bent on making the property industry work better for everyone.

Suresh Vemulapalli

Suresh Vemulapalli


20 Years experience in Architecture Services, Agile Development practices and DevOps.

Lee Wainwright

Lee Wainwright

Non Exec Director

Former CEO at Purplebricks and all-round digital property disruption evangelist.

Max Chambers

Max Chambers

Non Exec Director

Former Director at nextdoor.com. Helped launch nextdoor.com in the UK.

Our Values…

Responsible Revenue

As a business, we need a way to generate revenue. This revenue ensures we can pay our staff a fair wage and continue to innovate. The Habiplace suite of platforms has a range of revenue generating features such as utility switching, lead generation, and our anonymous, aggregated data. What does this last one mean? It is nothing to worry about. More on this in our data section below. 

Diligent with Data

We treat your data the way we would wish for ours to be treated on any other online platform. We use the latest security practices to protect your data and we are constantly updating these protections to ensure the highest level of security is applied to your data. Regarding the data aspect mentioned in the Revenue section above, this simply means we inform the industry of broad data insight such as there are currently X amount of people thinking of selling their home’. We certainly aren’t saying Joe Bloggs has a dog named Rex or anything specific to you. No funny business. No abuse of trust!

Companions. Not Competitors

For a long time the tech community has insisted that the industry they are disrupting needs replacing. In many cases, this has been true! But this approach has failed the property industry. This approach means the industry isn’t noticeably different to the way it was 30 years ago.

So, rather than tell everyone they’re rubbish and we’re here to replace them, the Habiplace philoshophy is all about helping the industry be better. We do this by connecting prevuiously mutually exclusive services and datasets that helps both you and the industry.

A refreshing approach. A new direction for the property industry.


We are a young company with huge ambitions. #dreambig

“Trying to improve something as old, stuffy and wealthy as the entire property industry was pretty scary. When first starting out, I struggled with something called ‘impostor syndrome’. This is the crippling self doubt that plagues many tech founders. But one day, whilst coaching my sons football team, I was reminded of something – that all kids dream BIG!

Despite the odds, every boy on that football team believed that they will one day pull on an England shirt at Wembley. Most won’t of course, but if none of them thought it possible, then none of them would succeed. The fact that they were all dreaming big inspired me to do the same and Habiplace was founded.”

Stephen – Founder

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